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Canadian Democracy Topics and Questions

Electoral Reform
1Do you think voting should be mandatory in Canada?
2Do you think online voting should supported in Canada?
3Should Canada's Prime Minister be elected by a simple majority vote?
4Should we ensure that more MPs are elected from currently underrepresented groups?
5Should MPs always be permitted to vote independently rather than along party lines?
6Should the voting age for federal elections be lowered?
7Should the day of a federal election be a statutory holiday?
8Is electoral reform actually necessary?
9Do you think there should be a limit to the length of election campaigns?
10Should the outcome of electoral reform be decided by referendum?

The Environment
1Do you agree with the idea of a carbon tax?
2Do you think Canada's effort to reduce global carbon emissions is more important than the Canadian economy?
3Should Canadians pay for clean energy alternatives regardless of cost?
4Do you believe climate change is human-caused?
5Do you trust politicians to act objectively regarding climate change?
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The Economy
1Is federal infrastructure spending a good thing for the Canadian economy?
2Are increases in service sector jobs a sign of an improving economy?
3Are low interest rates to blame for overheated housing markets?
4Is Canada's resource-based economy sustainable in the long term?
5Should governments stimulate the economy through deficit spending?

1Should prospective immigrants to Canada be screened for adherence to Canadian values?
2Should prospective immigrants be required to demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in English or French?
3Should immigrants convicted of a criminal offense in Canada be automatically deported?
4Should immigrants who return to their country of origin for extended periods lose their Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status?
5Should Canada admit an unlimited number of refugees for as long as there is a need?
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1Do you believe that the structure and delivery of healthcare should be uniform across Canada?
2Should federal health care funding be conditional on a province's adherence to federal health policy?
3Is a national Pharmacare program needed in Canada?
4Should treatment and diagnostic wait times be regulated by law?
5Should healthcare funding be prioritized and allocated based on the severity of medical conditions?
1Is Canada spending enough to fulfill our commitment to NATO?
2Are we wasting money by sending Canadian defence resources to the Middle East?
3Should Canada redeploy our limited defence resources to counterbalancing Russian buildup in the Arctic?
4Is the decision to buy 18 Super Hornets merely a Trudeau government attempt to buy 'anything but' the Harper government's proposed F-35 fighter jets?
5Is Canada's Department of National Defence paying too much attention to gender and indigenous matters?
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1Do you support official bilingualism in Canada?
2Should federal government services be made available in both official languages in regions where only one language is predominant?
3Should all government services (provincial, municipal, etc.) be made available in both official languages?
4Should businesses be forced to display signs in only one of Canada's official languages?
5Should a community's predominant language be allowed to replace an official language in local business and commerce?
First Nations
1Should our governments have to consult Canada's indigenous community on the environment and other issues of national interest?
2Should remote indigenous communities be relocated to regions where they can be better served by government?
3Would greater assimilation of indigenous peoples help to reduce the number of youth suicides on reserves?
4Should Canada treat First Nations as sovereign nations?
5Does Canadian society's obsession with past treatment of indigenous peoples impede progress in relationships going forward?
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1Do you agree with the Supreme Court of Canada that teachers unions have the right to negotiate class size and composition in Canadian schools?
2Teachers are often required to prepare lessons and supporting materials on their own time. Should they be paid for these extra hours of work?
3Should special-needs students be integrated into classrooms where their needs or behaviour provide a distraction to teachers and other students?
4It's generally accepted that most Canadian universities promote a left-leaning activist agenda, capitalizing on the youthful idealism of students. Should this practice be prohibited?
5Should schools adopt a year-round itinerary and drop the practice of a long summer recess?