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Canadian Democracy Survey Methodology

There is no recognized statistical methodology or formal approach to the Canadian Democracy survey. Our goal is to bring foward Town Square chatter on matters of interest. Here's how it works:

  1. Questions are selected subjectively by Canadian Democracy based on Canadian political current affairs and topics of interest from time to time as suggested by you, reported in the media, and as observed in government public communications and activity.
  2. All questions are rendered so as to prompt a "Yes" or "No" response.
  3. "No" respondents are presented with an 'others say...' page supporting the "Yes" point of view.
  4. "Yes" respondents are presented with an 'others say...' page supporting the "No" point of view.
  5. All respondents are then presented with a 'trending opinion' and are asked if they agree (presumably having now considered what 'others say...' ).
  6. Those who agree proceed to the next question or topic.
  7. Those who disagree are offered the opportunity to submit a more detailed opinion before proceeding to the next question or topic.
  8. All responses are recorded (anonymously) and tabulated by Canadian Democracy
  9. For each question, an initial 'trending opinion' is subjectively determined by Canadian Democracy.
  10. The initial trending opinion stands until a majority of respondents disagree, at which time (i.e. within a day or two) a new trending opinion is offered by Canadian Democracy.
  11. The new trending opinion is articulated by Canadian Democracy based on a position opposing the defeated trending opinion and/or as informed by respondent opinions that have been submitted for the particular question.
  12. Canadian Democracy survey results include the percentage of yes/no responses for each question, the percentage of agree/disagree responses for each trending opinion, and a listing of opinions submitted for each question. Results are updated daily.