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Canadian Democracy is presented by DLH Investments Ltd., a Canadian publisher of Internet web properties. This is not a government or political party-affiliated website.

Neither is it a formal survey. Think of as a place where you can participate in Town Square chatter on matters affecting our nation. This is a new adventure and we'll be adding and removing questions as time goes by, allowing you to anonymously express yourself on matters that are important to you. You may answer any number of questions and there are no wrong answers.

Regardless of how you answer a question, you'll be presented with some contradicting information. Then we'll show you a trending opinion, and give you a chance to send us your opinion if you disagree. The idea is to stimulate debate and understanding so that as Canadians, we can continue to grow this great nation together. After all, 2017 is Canada's 150th birthday!

So have some fun and visit often to check out new material and evolving results. We hope that after considering the questions presented at Canadian Democracy, you will be better informed, equipped, and perhaps encouraged to influence how our great land is governed. We don't care where you stand, but we care very much that you have your say from an informed perspective.

If you'd like to suggest topics or questions for the Canadian Democracy Survey, let us know using the contact form.

We know that Canada is the best country in the world and we're all very privileged to live here. Let's keep it that way.

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